Didier Lesesvre

Associate Professor
Université de Lille

Didactics and teaching

Student seminar and skills assessment

I organized in 2018-2019 a student seminar aimed at undergraduates. This workgroup intended to introduce a new topic (the Hardy-Littlewood circle method) through the study of a genuine research problem, variation on a classical topic. This research situation led to an active and in-depth study, based on blackboard talks and question sessions. We studied a limited bibliography (twenty pages of an introductory monography and two research papers of about 15 pages).

The motivation and the transversal skills unveiled by this seminar led me to think about active pedagogy and skills assessments. I published a paper on how these ideas could and should be adapted more frequently to an undergraduate curriculum.

The role of algebra in teaching

Some reflexions held during my studies of history and philosophy os sciences around the history of algebra, as well as the questions of the legitimity of algebra in pedagocical issues raised by the journal Repères IREM, gave rise to an article L'Algèbre, ou l'école de la raison (in french).

History and philosophy of sciences

Work of historical epistemology around the category of definitions

The notion of definition is by far one of the most proeminent in the practice of science, yet remains poorly treated through epistemological history. I spent two years working on my philosophy master's thesis, towards understanding what an epistemological category of definition could be. I more precisely worked on understanding their functions and uses during the "tournant de la rigueur", and the renewal of analysis at the beginning of the XIXth century.

Other works in history and philosophy of sciences

I wrote some essays and studies in history and philosophy of sciences (in french) :

  • How to think the periodization of classical mathematics? pdf
  • Philosophy of different methods of proof in mathematics pdf
  • Ancient rhetorics and history of mathematics pdf
  • The philosophy of Maximillien Winter pdf
  • Pythagorean and Platonician mathematics, following Vuillemin pdf