Didier Lesesvre

Associate Professor
Université de Lille


Game of go

Go is an impressively deep game, from the beauty of its shapes to its many different strategical aspects. I play for three years quite regularly, and am a 2 dan player in China (腾讯围棋 servers). I am always enthusiastic to learn, play and teach to new players.


I like photography, for it is a patient building and composing game as well as the new eyes it endows to appreaciate the world. When I find some island of rest, I try to post some pictures on my blog.


I created the Club des Amateurs de Vins de l'ENS (CAVE) de Cachan in order to save and widen a wine culture which is unfortunately sinking into oblivion. I believe this is mainly due to the lack of opening in this (falsely) threatening temple, leading people to think they cannot neither taste nor understand wine.