Didier Lesesvre

Associate Professor
Université de Lille

My research aims at studying fascinating and ubiquitous objects: automorphic representations. However they remain mysterious, and little can be said about every single one. I hence study properties of automorphic forms on average, mainly by means of trace formulas.

Publications and preprints

  1. Conductor zeta function for the GL(2) universal family
    with F. Brumley and D. Milićević
    submitted for publication (2021)
  2. Subconvexity for twisted GL(3) L-functions
    with E. M. Kıral and C. I. Kuan
    Acta Arithmetica, to appear (2021)
  3. Sums of even ascending powers and the associated program and data (also on GitHub)
    with C. I. Kuan and X. Xiao
    submitted for publication (2020)
  4. Quadratric Twists of central values: number fields case
    with C. I. Kuan
    Quarterly Journal of Mathematics (2022)
  5. The Volumes of Miyauchi subgroups
    with I. Petrow
    Archiv der Mathematik, to appear (2019)
  6. Low-lying zeros of L-functions for Quaternion Algebras
    Ann. Institut Fourier (2021) 71:1635-1676.
  7. Counting and Equidistribution for Quaternion Algebras
    Math. Zeitschrift (2020) 295:129-159
  8. Optimal transportation with an oscillation-type cost: the one-dimensional case
    with P. Pegon and F. Santambrogio
    Set-Valued Var. Anal (2013) 21:541–556



  • Ivan Doubovik (M1 2022)
  • Alexis Marissaël (L3 2022)
  • Théophile Cailleau (L3 2022)


Here are some notes written as complements to some talks I gave: