Didier Lesesvre

Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics
Sun Yat-Sen University


Arithmetic statistics on automorphic forms deal with understanding the behavior of families of automorphic representations. Those are much better-behaved than isolated representations. The beginning of the story and the aims of arithmetical statistics is nicely described in this survey.

I am interested more widely in analytic number theory methods and object, and am currently exploring new landscapes with Kuan Chan Ieong, namely multiple Dirichlet series, moments of L-functions and the circle method.

Publications and preprints

  1. Sums of even ascending powers
    with C. I. Kuan and X. Xiao
    submitted for publication
  2. Quadratric Twists of central values: the number field case
    with C. I. Kuan
    submitted for publication
  3. The Volumes of Miyauchi subgroups
    with I. Petrow
    submitted for publication
  4. Low-lying zeros of L-functions for Quaternion Algebras
    Ann. Institut Fourier, to appear (2020)
  5. Counting and Equidistribution for Quaternion Algebras
    Math. Zeitschrift (2020) 295:129-159
  6. Optimal transportation with an oscillation-type cost: the one-dimensional case
    with P. Pegon and F. Santambrogio
    Set-Valued Var. Anal (2013) 21:541–556

Publications in pedagogy

  1. Pour un enseignement par la recherche. Compte rendu d'un groupe de travail
    Repères IREM (2020) to appear
  2. L'algèbre, ou l'école de la raison
    Repères IREM (2013) 93:5-36




Here are some notes written as complements to some talks I gave: