Didier Lesesvre

Associate Professor
Université de Lille

Research in high schools

With the association Math.en.Jeans, I give research topics to students in middle or high school, and they spend the year thinking about it, meeting weekly with their math teacher and giving a formal talk in the yearly Math.en.Jeans conference. Here are some of their previous works:

2020-2021, French International High School of Hong Kong

Mathematics behind go

I wrote a series of overview of the mathematics behind the game of go for the journal Tangente, featuring various fields such as combinatorics, topology, surreal numbers, probabilities, fuzzy sets theory... Most of the content is covered in this article.

Scientific culture

I founded the Groupe pour l'Initiative et la Culture Scientifiques (GICS), a French association established in November 2010, whose aims are to transform the will and passion of the universities students into a way to efficiently share, at a large scale and on a regular basis, the culture and spirit of sciences to high school students.