Didier Lesesvre

Postdoctoral Fellow in Mathematics
Sun Yat-Sen University


I am a postdoctoral fellow at Sun Yat-Sen University in China. My research aims at establishing arithmetic statistics on automorphic forms. I achieved my PhD under the supervision of Farrell Brumley on the study of the universal family of quaternion algebras. I am currently getting interested in the theory of multiple Dirichlet series in collaboration with Kuan Chan Ieong. Here is my CV.

Recent Papers

  • Counting and Equidistribution for Quaternion Algebras (arXiv)
  • Low-lying zeros of L-functions for Quaternion Algebras (arXiv)

Upcoming Conferences

Current Lectures

I am currently teaching an open lecture in analytic number theory to the math teachers of the Franco-Chinese institute of nuclear energy (IFCEN) in Zhuhai, China. The current state of the lectures can be found on the teaching page.